Calling for nominations for FREE COOKIES!

You read it right.  I’m going to send one lucky person a dozen cookies – personal delivery available if in the Portland area!  No catch, just using my cookies powers for good.  I’m looking for your nominations for someone who has been going through a tough time – maybe they’ve been sick, maybe they’ve lost someone close to them, or maybe it’s just been a rough start to the year and they need a pick me up.

All you have to do is send me an email at and tell me the story.  Who are they, what’s the deal, and how great of a person are they that you want to do this for them.  Also recommend a theme for the cookies or tell me a few things that they like.  If I pick your nomination, I’ll ask you for the shipping/delivery address and get to work!  I expect to have the cookies in the person’s hands in 2-3 weeks.

Please tell me too if you would like to remain nameless or if I can put your name in the card with the cookies.

Another tip – this won’t be the last cookie giveaway!  Let’s get the nominations started!